The Physics and Chemistry of Modified Explosives, November 4th – 8th, 2007.


5:00 – 7:00   Reception and registration
8:45 Jim Kennedy Welcome
9:00 Bill Wilson The DTRA Advanced Energetics Program; Past, Present and Future
9.45 Fan Zhang Limits of Thermobaric Explosives
10:30 Coffee  
11:00 Marcia Cooper Understanding Enhanced Blast Explosives: A Multi-Scale Challenge
11:30 Bryce Tappan Thermobaric Explosives Development at LANL Utilizing Novel Materials
12:00 Lunch  
1:30 Joel Carney Spectroscopy in the Post-Detonation Combustion of Fuel-Rich Explosives
2:00 Dave Moore On the Pressing of Submicron-sized Gamma HMX
2:30 Coffee  
3:00 Mark Short Modeling non-ideal explosive behavior
3:30 Steve Todd Damage-Initiated Reaction Model for PBX and Cast Explosives
4:00 Gert Scholtes Impact Damage of Conventional Explosives in Comparison with PBXs
6:00 Dinner
7:30 Topical discussion The hazards of modified and conventional explosives
8:45 Steve Son Overview of Nanoenergetic Materials
9:30 Tim Foley New MIC Formulations with Reduced Sensitivity and Improved Performance
10:00 Jason Jouet Preparation and Passivation of Nano-Aluminum for Energetics Applications
10:30 Coffee  
11:00 Craig Tarver Experimental and Modelling Challenges in Understanding Insensitive High Explosive Reaction Propagation
11:30 Joe Backofen Modeling Detonation of Condensed Explosives Using Two Propulsive Stages
12:00 Richard J. Lee Assessment of Post Detonation Aluminum Combustion Efficiency – Pressed Versus Cast-Cured Explosives
12:30 Lunch  
6:00 Dinner  
7:30 Topical discussion Blast from aluminized and thermobaric explosives
8:45 David Chavez Historic and Current Research in Energetic Materials Synthesis at Los Alamos
9:30 Phil Pagoria Synthesis of Energetic Material at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
10:00 Michelle Pantoya New Experiments that Characterize the Fast Oxidation and Energy Transport of Reactive Materials
10:30 Coffee  
11:00 Valery Levitas Melt Dispersion Mechanism for Fast Reaction of Nanothermites
11:30 Ed Dreizin Fully dense, micron-sized, energetic nanocomposite powders: preparation, characterization, and reaction mechanisms
12:00 Lunch  
1:30 Larry Hill Peel-off Case Failure in Cookoff Explosions
2:00 Gary Parker Interconnected Porosity in Thermally Damaged PBX 9501 and Its Effects on Gas Permeation in the Pre- and Post-ignition Regimes
2:30 Coffee  
3:00 Jon Zucker Thermal effects on the initiation and performance of non-electric detonators
3:30 Peter Dickson Cookoff of commercial explosives
6:00 Reception
7:00 Banquet
8:45 David Frost The Nature of Heterogeneous Blast Explosives
9:30 Dennis Wilson Multifunctional Energetic Materials
10:00 Coffee  
10:30 Richard Ames Development and Characterization of Multiphase Blast Explosives
11:00 Kibong Kim Effects of Particle Damage during Detonation of Thermobarics on Subsequent Reactions
11:30 Final discussion  
12:30 Lunch